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When you use Computas websites your browser leaves electronic traces and information. The information is used to improve the content of the web pages. The privacy statement explains what is collected and how we use it.


Computas is responsible for collecting and using data information carried out in connection with operation and maintenance of www.computas.com. Google is the data processor and provider of web analytics.

The information collected is stored on separate servers which are operated by Computas. Only Computas has access to the information.

Automatic storing of information

Like most other websites computas.com also uses cookies. Cookies are small text files which the website stores on your computer so that the service can function in a best possible way for you, as a user.

The cookies do not contain personal information. You can opt out of having cookies stored on the computer by changing the settings in the browser. Through the browser you can also delete all stored cookies.

Storing website statistics

Computas.com stores visitor statistics for the entire website. Information which is measured includes the most visited pages/areas, whether the visitor has previously visited the website, etc. It is not possible to link this information directly to individuals.

The information which is stored is used to carry out visitor analyses, reveal deficiencies, and as support in further development of the website.

Computas.com uses the tool Universal Analytics to collect visitor statistics, and an option in Universal Analytics is utilized to anonymize the reader’s IP address to prevent it from being stored in Google. In addition, Google offers an opt-out plug-in that can be downloaded from Google’s pages and used with the most common browsers.